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Chinese Essay Revision

$4.99 each


Chinese Essay Revision

Having problem writing your Chinese essays? The grammar, the sentence, the main predicate...

Try our Chinese essay revision; it only costs you $4.99 for one essay!

How to start?

After your payment, e-mail us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) your essay with the attachment of a screen shot (image) of your order, and we will proceed with the revising service for you:

  • correct grammatical errors;
  • explain the wrong or inappropriate sentence with suggestions to improve it;
  • recommend a related learning resource on Web.

We are a professional team with over 20-year experience to assist foreign learners in Chinese language learning.


1. The essay for revision should be less than 500 Chinese words. If you have a longer essay, we would suggest you purchase our one-one tutoring service.

2. This is a "No Return, No Refund" service.

 3. * As a bundle for taking our online Chinese courses.