Sinousa Virtual High School invites you to join us as we travel to Taiwan for an exciting and educational study tour. If you've been wanting to enrich yourself in the Chinese culture, or simply want to learn the language first hand, this study tour is the perfect opportunity for you.


Why Take This Study Tour With SVHS?

At SVHS, our goal is -- and has always been -- to push the envelope when it comes to educating students. This study tour to Taiwan is no different; giving American students who have an interest in the Chinese culture or language the opportunity to learn what they're passionate about in a serene state that welcomes tourists with open arms.

If you're already a member of our Chinese Language Class group on Meetup, then our Taiwan study tour is perfect for you. Regardless, this trip is for anyone interested in learning the Chinese language (Mandarin & Taiwanese) and cultural activities, AP Chinese test preparation, HSK test preparation, Chinese crafts and more! 

What Will The Study Tour Entail?

Our Taiwan study tour, which begins in July or August, includes a variety of educational activities that will take place over a 2 week period. These activities will include:

  • Experiencing the campus life of Taiwan's Universities
  • Learning Chinese
  • Exchanging Chinese culture
  • Tasting Taiwanese food
  • Visiting the natural and cultural landscape of Taiwan

More Details about The Study Tour


Students who are interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture.

*The students will have free time after class and on the Weekends, and self-care skill is necessary. Once the registration is completed, it indicates students have confirmed that they are responsible for their behavior and security after the class and on the weekends.



  • If you sign up this study tour by the end of May: $1,349
  • If you sign up this study tour by June 15: $1,449
  • If you invite your friends to participate in this tour: $1,399
  • If you sign up this study tour by the end of May and invite your friends to participate in this tour: $1,249


  • Accommodation
  • Taiwan food
  • Transportation in Taiwan (Bus for team activities)
  • Chinese Training: Learn Mandarin with daily living conversation.5k brush hand writing hand wallpaper thumb
  • Culture Introduction: Arrange traditional Chinese culture classes, such as Chinese Calligraphy, Kung-Fu, Paper Cutting, Hakka Blue Dye, etc.
  • Culture topics: Taiwanese culture, aboriginal culture, Chinese food, etc.
  • Group activities: Chinese group activities to enhance student’s vocabulary and conversation skills.
  • Field trips: Students get to experience Taiwanese culture & art, historic artifacts, traditional cuisine, and natural scenery through these tours, such as the travel to Jiufen, Tamsui, Pingxi, etc. Programs may be subject to change as needed.
  • Insurance (We guarantee your safety)

*Not included:

  • Round-trip ticket
  • The cost of your own expenses

Tour 1: July 16 - July 29

Tour 2: August 1 - August 14

No refund after June 30, 2020

Arrival Location

Taiwan Airport (we provide pick-up service)

What are the Features of This Study Tour?

Professional teachers, small-sized classes

We arrange a placement test to divide students into different Chinese proficiency levels. Small-sized Mandarin classes aimed at communication, conversation-oriented ones.

Activities & cultural experience

In addition to Mandarin classes, Culture classes are provided, such as Calligraphy, Kung-fu, Traditional toy, Dough Figurine, Chinese yo-yo, Chinese knot, Chinese painting, paper cutting, etc. The Chinese-speaking environment is expected to improve motivation, creativity and intelligence of students'.nightmarket feature 1300x867

University campus, safe and academic environment

We provide a safe environment with sufficient learning resources.

Culture topic & Taipei field trips

In addition to culture experience classes, we arrange special courses introducing Hakka culture, aboriginal culture, Chinese chess and Chinese food, etc. Furthermore, field trips will also enable students to experience the richness of Chinese culture and the beauty of Taiwan.

What are you waiting for? RSVP for our study tour to Taiwan today to save your spot and enjoy 2 weeks of fun in a unique and culture-rich environment!

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.