As unfortunate as it may seem, lacking a high school diploma in today’s day and age puts adults at a severe disadvantage when it comes to finding a good steady job and supporting themselves. This is because most employers require at least a high school education at a minimum. However, without a high school education, moving on to college and a rewarding career is impossible.

Luckily, if you haven’t graduated high school, you can get your GED, which is an alternative option that could help you land a job now and make getting into the university of your dreams a real possibility. In this guide, we’ll discuss what the GED process entails and how to prep for your GED online to ensure you pass.

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What is a GED?

The GED -- which is short for General Educational Development -- exam is a group of 4 subject tests that acts as certification that an individual has achieved the high school educational standards of the United States and Canada.

The 4 subjects included in the GED are:

  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts

For those who are older than 16 and did not complete high school, the GED is an alternative to a high school diploma and tests individuals for the same essential skills high schools students learn.

What Does the GED Process Entail?

If you’re thinking about taking your GED, here’s an overview of the steps you’ll likely need to take: 

1. Check eligibility: As mentioned before, you’re required to be at least 16 years old and not currently enrolled in high school in order to take the GED. Keep in mind, some states have specific requirements in regards to how long you must have been out of high school to take your GED. This is why it’s important to check your state’s policies beforehand. 

2. Register for the GED: To register for the exam, you need to make an account on the official GED website. You can choose to take one of the tests or all 4 subjects at once. Price can vary depending on your state, but typically each subject will cost approximately $30.

3. Prep for the GED exam: While preparing for your GED exam isn’t a requirement, many choose to do so as it can help them understand what they will be tested on and helps reintroduce subjects to those who may be rusty. 

4. Take your GED exam: This is the final step and requires you to visit an official GED testing center.

Prepping For Your GED Online

You may have heard that you can take your GED online, however, this is not true. As helpful and convenient as taking the exam online would be, you’re required to visit an official testing center to take your GED. With that being said, you can still prep for your GED online.

At Sinousa Virtual High School, we offer comprehensive online GED preparation for American and foreign adults. Our GED prep program will help you understand precisely what you’ll be tested on and can help you study for the 4 main subjects included in the exam.  If you’re looking to earn your GED either to get a steady-paying job or to advance to college in order to start a career, then enrolling in our online GED prep program is ideal for you. Learn more about preparing for the GED online on our website or contact us today to discuss the process and your eligibility.