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Traditional Vs. Virtual School: Transitioning from Teacher-Centered to Student-Centered Learning

Let’s face it, even before the COVID-19 crisis forced students to learn from home, traditional education left a lot to be desired. 

While the process of waking up early to spend hours in a crowded classroom still worked for some students -- i.e. those who easily grasp concepts on their own, with little to no direction -- others were left feeling excluded and lost. Unfortunately, this has had a negative impact on many students’ futures.

In this article, we’ll be exploring why traditional school is becoming obsolete and what you can do to ensure your child gets the best education possible moving forward. 

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Teacher-Centered Learning

While there are plenty of wonderful teachers in the world, students are still falling behind in traditional school settings. In fact, over 2 million students drop out of high school alone each year. This is just in the United States.

Why does this happen? There are a multitude of factors. However, most pressing is the learning environment. Most classrooms, even today, depend greatly on the ability of the teacher. This means if a teacher isn’t effective at providing the right educational delivery to each and every student, there are some that will simply slip through the cracks.

This problem is worse for teachers who are responsible for larger classrooms; such as high schools in inner cities. In short, the success of your child when it comes to their academics weighs heavily on their teachers.

Changing The Education Dynamic

In order to remedy the shortcomings of traditional education, the dynamic itself needs to change drastically. Luckily, with online learning becoming more prevalent (especially in response to COVID-19) that change is finally here.

Students are no longer forced to learn the traditional way, and can instead get an improved education by learning at their own pace from anywhere in the world. What’s more? Online learning programs -- such as Sinousa Virtual High School -- put the student-first by making the curriculum easy to follow and accessible at any time.

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Earn a High School Diploma From Home Sinousa Virtual High School

Traditional High School Vs. Online High School

Like many, you’ve likely gotten used to the idea of traditional public high school. The routine of teenagers waking up early, cramming into a school bus (or their cars) and then spending a full day on a curriculum that hasn’t evolved much in decades has been a commonplace in society for generations.

Unfortunately, this rigid education model simply does not work for everyone. And, with the rise of online education, more and more parents of high school students are looking for unique learning methods to help their children succeed. Luckily, with the right online high school program, students can earn their diploma at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.

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Why Choose Online High School Over Traditional High School?

Convenience and Flexibility

While some children can handle the rigorous and demanding schedule of traditional high school, there are many that simply can’t. In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids who start school earlier than 8:30 am are more prone to falling behind academically.

This is because children require a full 8 hours of sleep in order to be alert and productive while at school. Unfortunately, the teenagers of this generation tend to go to bed later, keeping them from getting the necessary hours of sleep. With online high school, however, teens can learn whenever the parent deems it appropriate, even if it’s outside traditional school hours. This flexibility allows your child to learn when they are most alert.

Academics Without Social Pressures

Many teenagers around the globe fall behind in school due to social pressures from their peers. While making friends is certainly a benefit of traditional school; bullying, gossip, and social anxiety can be unmitigated distractions that can take your child’s attention away from their education.

With virtual high school, your child is able to focus 100% on their academics without any of the distracting social factors that traditional public schools can present.

Self-Paced Education

Public schools demand each child attend their classes monday through friday every week. However, some high school students may have other weekly obligations, such as a part time job or extracurricular activities, that can make this schedule difficult to manage.

Luckily, students who are enrolled in an online high school program can easily maintain activities outside of school while still receiving their education. Online classes and assignments can be handled when it is most convenient for the student, which means their education is entirely self-paced as long as they meet regular deadlines. This is ideal for families who consistently travel, as it means your child won’t have to regularly transfer schools when you relocate.

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Earn a High School Diploma From Home Sinousa Virtual High School