SVHS offers a variety of college preparatory high school core subjects, electives and college credit courses in an interactive learning environment. All SVHS courses are considered rigorous and college preparatory and have been written to Nevada and National standards when appropriate. Each SVHS semester course covers a typical semester's worth of material and is comprised of the following:

  1. Unit learning outcomes stating the learning objectives students should accomplish in a specific unit. All courses consist of 6-18 units of learning.
  2. Required reading assignments based on the course textbook or other assigned reading.
  3. Unit lectures that include insight and analysis of the unit's topics.
  4. Unit discussion boards where students and instructors communicate ideas and thoughts in a collaborative environment.
  5. Unit-based assessments including a midterm and final examination to further assess each student's academic acquisition.
  6. Assignments for students to complete and submit to ensure mastery of learning objectives.
  7. Course resources that contain readings and documents to assist students in accomplishing unit objectives.

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Course Offerings

SVHS will provide a listing of courses during the following academic year by mid-November, at the latest.

Course Add

Students may add a course through the first week of the fall or spring semester with consent of the course instructor. (The add period during the summer term is shortened to one-half week.) A $20 late registration fee will be added to the tuition cost of the course.

Course Drop

Students may drop a course without penalty through the fourth week of the fall or spring semester. (The drop period is shortened to two weeks during the summer term.) If the student's school has a different drop period, the shorter of the two periods will be enforced.

The student's parent/guardian or a local high school official needs to inform the course instructor and the SVHS superintendent that the student is withdrawing from a course.

The superintendent will drop the student from the course. If the student's school has a policy that students cannot drop a course after a certain number of weeks into a course, SVHS will abide by that policy.

If the student is allowed to withdraw from a course after the drop period a grade of WP (withdrew passing) or WF (withdrew failing), depending on the student's grade on work due by the time of the drop, will be issued by the course instructor to the student's local school. It is expected that the local school will process this grade according to their already existing policies for other courses at their school.

AP Exams

SVHS is registered with the College Board as an online course provider. All AP courses offered through SVHS are fully authorized by the College Board on an annual basis. SVHS cannot administer AP Exams directly. Students wishing to take an AP Exam need to do so at a site, often a local high school, that is authorized to order and administer the exam. Check with your local school administration to see if they are an authorized site.

The College Board offers specific instructions on how to proceed if you do not attend a local school that is authorized to administer an AP Exam. See for additional information.


SVHS employs credentialed teachers and highly qualified teachers under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) who provide a high level of student support. All instructors hold current teaching credentials, and many also possess masters and doctoral degrees. All teachers have also been trained. The faculty and curriculum developers understand the unique paradigm of online education and are well-versed in providing personal one-on-one attention students need to be successful online.

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