About WCLI - Who We Are

At World Cultures and Languages Institute (WCLI), we’re dedicated to providing an accredited K-12 online education for students everywhere. We’re proud to be able to offer such a broad range of online learning programs including virtual high school, online AP courses, Dual Enrollment courses and more.

Our Vision & Mission

With a global vision in developing joint educational programs between Asia and the United States, we support students and adults who want to start (or continue) their education in America. By providing an online learning platform, we make it possible for students around the world to learn when it is most convenient for them, from the comfort of their own homes.

Our mission at WCLI/SVHS is to support students in an online learning environment with integrity, worldview, and bilingual skills for all students worldwide, no matter their background or lifelong goals. 

Enriching Lives & Creating Futures Through Online Learning

WCLI students can attend various free classes; each of which focuses on specific topics and practical skills. With no scheduled class times, students have the ability to learn whenever it is most convenient for them. What’s more? They can also make friends and share relevant information with other students in our online community.

At the end of each term, we provide students with the opportunity to attend hands-on workshops that are specially designed to help them create a professional product or service for their use or for sale on our online store. This type of workshop also allows students to take retailing industry-related field trips to enhance their learning.


Our high school is licensed by the Nevada State Board of Education with the online courses approved by the Nevada Department of Education. Our AP (Advanced Placement) courses are audited and approved by the College Board. We have achieved Cognia candidacy and are in the process of the final accreditation.


We help students achieve their academic goals by offering:

Rigorous AP courses
Accredited high school & college preparation courses
HSK Chinese proficiency test and GED exam preparation courses
Industrial certificate programs
Online community with eCommerce features & real world applications

Our Partners