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When you’re looking for the best K-12 online school program or homeschooling solution for you or your child, WCLI is the ideal choice. With at-home learning becoming more prominent than ever before, a high quality, interactive, and convenient online learning solution like ours is perfect for the modern student.

Beyond being the best online K-12 education program for students in America, our online learning platform can be accessed from anywhere; making it ideal for international students as well. We give those in foreign countries the opportunity to earn a real high school diploma without having to travel to the United States.

Accredited Online Courses for Grades 9-12‎

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Our online virtual high school program is ideal for students (grade 9-12) who want to get a real high school diploma on their own schedule, from anywhere in the world. This rigorous college preparatory high school program gives students the opportunity to learn in an interactive format, built for the 21st century.

With homeschooling becoming more prominent than ever before, SVHS is the perfect solution for high school students looking for an innovative way of learning through the use of technology. With online classes accredited by the Nevada Department of Education, students from anywhere can receive a high school diploma. What’s more? We offer year-round enrollment, which makes getting a high school education even more convenient.

Why Parents & Students Choose Sinousa Virtual High School

Sinousa Virtual High School has been a leader in online learning for students of all ages, regions, and backgrounds. We’re dedicated to providing a high quality education for all with an online learning platform that fits your schedule, budget, and interests. Learn why you should enroll in SVHS below:

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Over 100 Courses Available

Gain access to over 100 engaging and interactive courses -- tailored for students in grades 9-12 -- including Advanced Placement.


Affordable Tuition

Our monthly pay-as-you-go plans are flexible to fit your budget.


Flexible Learning

Enroll anytime of the year and start learning immediately. Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Virtual High School Vs. Traditional High School


SVHS offers flexibility that traditional schools simply can’t; allowing students -- from anywhere in the world -- to get a high school education anytime day or night.

No Distractions or Social Pressures

While making friends is a benefit of traditional school, the social pressures and distractions that come with it can take away from a student’s focus on their academics. Our online high school program removes these distractions.


For some students, attending classes Monday through Friday every week is difficult. Especially when they have other obligations such as a job or extracurricular activities. SVHS allows students to learn at their own pace whenever it is most convenient for them, as long as they meet regular deadlines.

Online AP Courses & Dual Enrollment for College-Bound Students

Prepare for an American college education with our online AP courses. While you’ll need to take the AP exam at a registered site, our AP courses -- which are accredited by the College Board -- prepare American and international students for life after high school and help you prepare to take your AP exam.

We also offer online Dual Enrollment to help students gain college credits (at a real American university) while taking college-level courses. Earn your degree sooner, while saving money in the long run by enrolling today.

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